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  • Midi style short jacket, with frontal details of buttons and embellishment cloth piece. Internal hook closure. Bell shaped long sleeve. Embellishment with two pads in the back opposite to each other and surrounding strip. Frontal pockets

  • Oversized, midi style coat made of pure wool. Rabbe garment neck style and half lapel. Closure at waist by strap of the same fashion. Three belt loop detail. No central back opening.

  • Taylor's cut classic blazer. Classic lapels, Three buttons frontal closure. Two frontal pockets. Central back opening. Wide sleeve and two buttons on hem. Elastic lining.

  • Cold wool bermuda short, low waist and low inseam. Short length and sewing darts. Front and back pockets.

  • Short in lamé elastic cotton. Fit cut with front and back darts. Shirt collar. Hidden bottons by placket, classic cut on sleeves.

  • Product definition: Oversized blouse in printed elastic silk. Custom print design by Jinksieminks®. Round collar line, shoulderless blouse with central back closure with an invisible zip. Tight sleeve with classic cuffs.

  • Large blouse with ¾ long sleeves.  Rubber band details in neck. Sleeves closure.

  • Oversized, tuxedo-like shirt made of poplin from elastic cotton. Wide cut without darts, back yoke and pads facing each other at back. Shirt with neck with exhibited frontal buttons, classic cut, double cuff and cufflinks closure.

  • Wide jacket topped at waist line. Frontal details with buttons and decorative  pieces. Internal hook closure system.  ¾ length bell sleeve shape. Embellishment with two pads back opposite to each other.